30mm Floating Charm Locket with Crystals

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30mm Floating Charm Locket with Crystals

What you get:

1-30mm Silver Stainless Steel Floating Locket with Clear Crystal Face

We have a wide variety of floating charms, name plates, and birthstones in our store.

In order to prolong the life of your locket, please read the following care tips:

1. Avoid getting water in your locket. It is not waterproof.
2. Keep your locket looking new by polishing the exterior/glass with a clean, dry cloth.
3. Do not wear your locket when handling chemicals.
4. Bending your locket hinge further than its normal range of motion may cause it not to fasten/close properly.
5. Be careful not to get your locket caught on loose clothing or other objects.
6. Like any piece of jewelry that contains glass, dropping it or closing the locket forcefully may cause the glass to break