Beautiful Antique Spoon Design Snap Bracelet

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Beautiful Antique Spoon Design design magnetic bracelet will accommodate snaps of 18mm and up. The unique magnetic closure will allow anyone who struggles with putting on their own jewelry. The magnetic's are strong and will not come apart when wearing the bracelet.

This is the hottest new trend this year and everyone needs Snap Jewelry. There are many options to choose from in our collection. Choose something fun one day and something fancy the next. Choose a sport snap for the game or a cross snap for church. There is an option for everyone and every event.

The metal is a alloyed metal with an antique finish. The bracelet runs around a 7-8" inch wrist.

We have several snaps to choose from on our site with very competitive pricing, so you can pick many snaps to go with the bracelet.

All of our Simple Elegance Jewelry Snaps are approximately ¾” in diameter (18-20mm). They will fit into Snap bracelets, key chains. earrings, rings and necklaces. They fit in the standard snap size (5.5mm) and accommodate Ginger Snaps, Noosa and other snap jewelry brands.

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