A Letter of Apology to Myself

A Letter of Apology to Myself

I have voiced apologies to many others in this life for things that I have unintentionally done to them, but right now I need to apologize to myself.

I'm sorry I didn't believe in you

I'm sorry I told you couldn't succeed

I'm sorry that I doubted you and hide my insecurities from others with a smile.

I'm sorry I said you were fat....ugly and useless

I'm sorry I didn't process my grief in healthy ways

I am so sorry that I abused you both mentally and physically..... I told you, you were unworthy of love and you didn't deserve that.

Fact is, I lied to you for years and you believed it! Today I'm begging for forgiveness. 

Please forgive me for treating you so mean, I promise to do better.

I promise to remind you daily of your worth.

I promise to remind you, that you are worthy......of love.....of success...of life.

All my love,